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Job Clocking Hardware

TimePro hardware is specifically engineered with workshop environments in mind. Staff register their current job or activity on a robust keypad and confirm their credentials with a durable RFID Proximity (badge or keyfob) or Infrared (badge). Attendance time can be recorded in the same way, or with the aid of additional Biometric clocking security.

RFID Proximity Clocking

RFID Proximity technology remains popular due to its ease and reliability. Clockings can be made via badge or keyfob, and the durability and contact-less nature of the clocking method make RFID well suited to harsh, dusty, or dirty environments. RFID can be used to clock both job and attendance time.

  • Robust Clocking Hardware

  • Traditional RFID Clocking Technology

  • Durable Keypad

  • LAN connection via Ethernet

  • PIN number backup

  • Failsafe USB download

Biometric Attendance Clocking

TimePro Systems can integrate an additional fingerprint or facial recognition terminal for time and attendance clocking, ensuring staff can't 'buddy clock' each other in or out. 

Fingerprint clocking is quick, simple, and reliable. Staff simply place their registered finger on the scanner and attendance is recorded. 

Facial Recognition technology is fast emerging as a sophisticated, contact-less alternative to fingerprint. Facial recognition is hands-off, immune to dust and dirt and suitable for any working environment. 

3N6A9040 C100 Front Offset_edited.png

C-100 RFID Proximity Clocking Terminal

Productive Job, Non Productive Task, Attendance Time Control

RFID Badge or Keyfob Clocking

C-250 Fingerprint Terminal

C-400 Facial Recognition Terminal

3N6A1846 C250 Front Offset_edited.png

Attendance Time Clocking via Facial or Fingerprint Recognition

3N6A9343 C400KF Side Angle From Right_ed

Job Label Printers & Barcode Scanners

A number of peripheral accessories are available to suit the specific needs of your business.

Barcode Scanners allow staff to register a specific activity or cost centre from a range of pre-defined options, ideal for workshops wishing to track specific sale codes or cost centres in detail

Label Printers are coupled to the clocking terminal and produce a label when your staff change job or activity. Labels detail the employee's name, job number, date, and job time  

TP-600 Advanced Job Clocking Terminal

Productive Job, Non Productive Task, Attendance Time Control

Optional Barcode Scanner and Job Label Printer

3N6A8769 Time Pro 2 Front Card Hand_edit
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