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Key Performance Indicators Explained

We believe that data drives successful workshops. TimePro gives you the tools you need to analyse and understand this data by measuring three key performance indicators alongside job time and attendance. Our approach makes it easy to highlight improvement areas, set realistic targets, and increase the profitability of your workshop


Utilisation compares attended hours against productive hours, effectively showing how busy (or well utilised) an employee, cost centre, or department is. Displayed as a percentage, an accurate calculation of Utilisation is the perfect place to start when looking to improve workshop profitability. 

We calculate Utilisation by assessing productive time as a proportion of total time attended.

For example; if a staff member clocks 42 attended hours and 30 productive hours in a week, their Utilisation would be 71% - plenty of room for improvement!  

Manually calculating Utilisation can be incredibly time consuming. TimePro streamlines the process and ensures you capture all non-productive time while identifying which non-productive activities are most time-consuming. This information gives you the tools to thoroughly evaluate your workflow and begin improving Utilisation quickly, without the need for manual processes.


Productivity compares sold time against total hours attended for an individual, cost centre, or department. Productivity offers a more profit-focused assessment of how your staff use their time, and provides a useful insight into your workflows and processes. 

We calculate Productivity by assessing productive time as a proportion of total time attended.

For example; if a staff member clocks 40 attended hours in a week, with 32 hours sold, their Productivity would be 80%

Productivity can be difficult and time consuming to calculate manually, especially where sold time may be totalled and billed long after the associated attendance period. TimePro ensures that all sold time is tied directly to the relevant job and time period while ensuring that all time is accounted for. 


Efficiency measures time sold against actual job time taken to give you an accurate indication of staff skill level and performance. Efficiency data is essential in maximising labour gross profit, with even modest increases in Efficiency yielding potentially significant gains. 

We calculate Efficiency by assessing sold time against job time.

For example; if a staff member takes 11 hours to complete a job, with only 8 hours sold, Efficiency would be 72%.  

Efficiency is one of the primary drivers of workshop profitability. TimePro makes it easy to calculate and track Efficiency, allowing you to accurately assess performance and set clear, achievable targets toward greater profitability.  

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