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Entry-Level Job Clocking

TimePro Entry-Level Job Clocking Systems track job time alongside non-productive time and overall attendance to give you an accurate overview of how your workshop functions. 

Staff begin their day by registering attendance at the clocking terminal. From there they simply specify their current job or non-productive activity, ensuring all time is captured and accounted for.   

Staff do not need to clock off jobs, simply clocking onto their next job, activity, or attendance event instead. This automatically removes them from their previous job, helping to guard against human error.

Job Time Recording

Accurate Job Time Recording is key to managing labour cost and workflow.

TimePro allows you to access detailed information through the life cycle of any job:

  • Who worked on the job; by department, group, or individual

  • Which cost centres were involved

  • When was the work carried out

  • How long the work took to complete

The only requirement is a unique, numeric job number for each job. 

Our Entry-Level Job Clocking System tracks time taken on productive and non-productive jobs, as well as your employee's attendance and overall paid hours. 

When not engaged on a productive job staff are allocated to fully customisable non-productive activities such as idle time, driving, or maintenance. Lost time is clearly identified, allowing you to highlight under-utilisation and potential inefficiencies within your processes and workflows 

Productive vs Non Productive Time

Most businesses struggle to quantify non-productive time: TimePro makes it easy by ensuring that staff clock onto a non-productive activity when not clocking onto a productive job, ensuring all activity is captured and all non-productive time is clearly quantified. 

Coupled with our intuitive Attendance Time module, an accurate breakdown of productive vs non-productive time gives you a clear picture of employee utilisation in your workshop, as well as the tools to effectively analyse your processes and workflows. 

TimePro hardware is robust, reliable, and easy to use. Jobs and activities are clocked via RFID Proximity, ensuring easy operation in any working environment. Biometric fingerprint or facial recognition terminals can be integrated for time and attendance clocking, ensuring your staff can't 'buddy clock' eachother in or out.  

Employees specify their current job or cost centre on the built in keypad and confirm their credentials by presenting their card or keyfob to the clocking terminal. Data is stored within the terminal until downloaded via LAN or USB into your TimePro software.

Attendance Time Recording

TimePro tracks all attended time, calculating hours to pay and making payroll preparation quick and easy. 

  • Capture all attendance events. Add, remove and amend clockings as needed 

  • Set up unlimited shifts and track late starts, early finishes, and unauthorised absence 

  • Set grace time and define rounding intervals

  • Manage overtime with up to 5 customisable pay rates

  • Track holidays, sickness, and other absences

  • Full suite of attendance and pay reports 

Detailed reporting gives you the valuable insight you need in order to maximise utilisation and profitability in your workshop. TimePro clearly breaks down labour allocation and cost centre for each and every job. 

Productivity reports show how effectively staff are utilised and help you cut down on time lost through non-productive activities. In-depth attendance reporting makes payroll preparation quick and easy.

Would an Advanced System be Better for Your Business?

An Advanced Job Clocking System makes use of our Productivity and Workshop Efficiency modules to provide even greater insight. An Advanced System also allows you to define your Chargeout Rate and measure billable time against total labour cost 

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