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Advanced Job Clocking

A TimePro Advanced Job Clocking System tracks three crucial workshop KPIs to deliver unparalleled insight into how your workshop functions

Time sold is measured against time taken to complete a job, allowing you to analyse efficiency and identify improvement areas. Even a small increase in workshop efficiency can yield significant gains in profitability.

Staff register their attendance, current job number, and associated cost centre at the clocking terminal. All activity is captured, giving you clear oversight of workshop time allocation.

Key Performance Indicators


Utilisation shows the number of attended hours during which an employee is involved in productive work, and provides a clear overview of how your workforce are engaged


Productivity compares hours attended to hours sold, showing how busy your workshop is and highlighting areas where improvement might be needed 


A key measurement in any workshop, efficiency measures productive hours vs those sold. This information is essential in maximising labour gross profit.

Together, Utilisation, Productivity and Efficiency provide a detailed picture of success and good practice in your workshop, as well as highlighting areas where performance can be improved. Our Advanced Job Clocking Software allows you to set targets and accurately measure progress over time, maximising the potential of your staff and workshop.

Efficiency Calulator

Accurate, consistent job time recording is a central part of workshop management. TimePro tracks each and every job in detail, giving you the information your need to effectively manage labour cost and workflow 

Job Time Recording

  • Who worked on the job; by department, group, or individual

  • Which cost centres were involved

  • When was the work carried out

  • How long the work took to complete

The only requirement is a unique, numeric job number for each job 

A TimePro System can improve the accuracy of your estimates and quotations by providing detailed, consistent job time and cost centre data 

TimePro ensures that sold hours are always reported against the period in which they were worked, bypassing situations where invoices are resolved long after job completion

Productivity & Efficiency

A clear understanding of productivity and efficiency allows you to unlock the true potential of your workshop

Productivity​ provides a detailed assessment of hours sold versus total hours attended by group, cost centre, or individual to provide a profit-focused assessment of how your staff use their time.

Efficiency measures hours sold against a job versus the actual productive hours the job took to complete. Efficiency is an excellent indication of how well a workshop is running, and where improvements could be made. 

TimePro hardware is robust, reliable, and easy to use. Jobs and activities are clocked via RFID Proximity or Infrared badge, ensuring easy operation in any working environment. Biometric fingerprint or facial recognition terminals can be integrated for time and attendance clocking, ensuring your staff can't 'buddy clock' eachother in or out.  

Employees specify their current job or cost centre on the built in keypad and confirm their credentials by presenting their card or keyfob to the clocking terminal. Data is stored within the terminal until downloaded via LAN or USB into your TimePro software.

Productive vs Non Productive Time

Non-productive time is often difficult to quantify, and many businesses struggle to accurately measure the true cost of non-productive tasks and activities. TimePro guarantees that staff always register a specified activity when not clocking onto a productive job, ensuring all time is captured and clearly assigned.

Coupled with our intuitive Attendance Time module, an accurate breakdown of productive vs non-productive time gives you a clear picture of employee utilisation in your workshop, as well as the tools to effectively analyse your processes and workflows. 

Request Sample Reports

Detailed reporting gives you the valuable insight you need in order to maximise key performance indicators in your workshop. TimePro clearly breaks down utilisation, productivity, and efficiency for all staff.

Quantify the relative profitability of jobs, sale codes, and cost centres with TimePro's detailed labour-type analysis. Cost centres and sale codes are fully customisable for bespoke analysis, while TimePro reports efficiency and gross profit metrics for each and every job.  

Attendance Time Recording

TimePro tracks all attended time, calculating hours to pay and making payroll preparation quick and easy. 

  • Capture all attendance events. Add, remove and amend clockings as needed 

  • Set up unlimited shifts and track late starts, early finishes, and unauthorised absence 

  • Set grace time and define rounding intervals

  • Manage overtime with up to 5 customisable pay rates

  • Track holidays, sickness, and other absences

  • Full suite of attendance and pay reports 

For installations in harsh environments (such as those with a significant amount of dust or extreme fluctuations in temperature) we can provide a purpose built terminal housed in a single, solid casing. 

Live Polling

Utilise a real-time overview with our Live Polling Module

TimePro's optional Live Polling module gives your a real-time overview of every productive employee's activity. Jobs can be assigned a target completion time and those nearing or exceeding target are clearly highlighted, enabling you to address issues before they impact productivity.​

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