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Leaders in Workshop Efficiency

TimePro is the result of more than two decades experience in workshop time control. Developed specifically for the UK market, our in-house software gives you the tools to maximise profitability in your workshop

Our Entry-Level Job Clocking Systems are ideal for companies without any form of workshop time control. Accurately capturing job times and quantifying time spent on non-productive activities is the first step in maximising workshop potential

Our Advanced Job Clocking Systems are perfect for businesses who feel that they are losing time and money in the workshop. Our intuitive, reliable, systems allow you to measure and improve workshop efficiency to deliver greater profitability




TimePro's detailed productivity and efficiency metrics are invaluable in maximising sold time and workshop profitability

Timepro tracks time spent on jobs by department, ideal for engineering workshops where multiple cost centres are involved 

Comprehensive job reporting is key in controlling labour cost and ensuring time is properly utilised

Since 1999

MIM Systems have been supplying innovative workshop clocking and time management systems since 1999. Our systems are designed to maximise efficiency and labour gross profit, and have been designed and perfected specifically for the UK market. From our roots in the automotive repair industry we have expanded to supply many other business sectors, offering significant advantages over traditional time recording and job costing methods.

Entry-Level Job Clocking Systems

TimePro Entry-Level Job Clocking Systems track time taken on productive jobs, non-productive tasks, attendance, and overall paid hours. The key metric in a Basic Job Clocking System is Utilisation; a measure of the time spent on productive jobs as a proportion of total time attended.

An Entry-Level Job Clocking System is ideal for companies wishing to identify workshop time-loss and gain insight into areas for improvement. 

Advanced Job Costing Systems

An Advanced Job Costing System combines the features of an Entry-Level System with the added capability to measure Productivity and Efficiency in your workshop. Productivity compares sold time against total hours attended, while Efficiency measures time sold against productive time taken to complete a given job.

These metrics are key in maximising labour gross profit, with even modest increases yielding potentially significant gains 


TimePro customers enjoy comprehensive training and remote support. All systems are supported by our team of technical specialists from our office in Chesterfield, UK and help is only ever a phone call or email away.  

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